Lined Leather Driving Gloves

Much like a cozy scarf or woolly socks, lined leather driving gloves can keep your hands toasty and warm when cooler temperatures and stormy weather blow into town. They especially come in handy when hitting the road in the winter. From opening your car door to loading items into your trunk, your hands never need be exposed to the elements while motoring.

Most styles feature either wool, cashmere, cotton or satin. Depending on your purpose and personal taste, you can find those that are more functional or those that are more fashion-forward. Colors run the rainbow, though popular designs feature different hues on the exterior and interior. Some even have fun patterns hidden inside.

During colder months, you'll want to keep your pair close at hand. Store in your handbag, coat or in the seat pocket of the center console of your vehicle. Lined leather driving gloves are relatively easy to care for, though you may need to air them out if worn frequently. Just turn them inside out and leave on a table or counter overnight to allow them to breath.