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Vintage Leather Driving Gloves

Like a '50s Porsche or a '60s Mustang, there is a certain charm and allure to classic cars. The same is true of motoring accessories, from sunglasses to scarves to hats. But nothing is more stylish than vintage leather driving gloves.

Popular styles are wrist-length, with a snap or button strap at the wrist. Colors range from white to tan to black. Some styles feature details like threading on the knuckles, air holes around the fingers or extra padding near the palm. Some are truly antique, having been worn or pre-owned from years past, while others are made new as replicas of classic styles.

Not only a key accessory for car-enthusiasts, they are also a wardrobe essential for any man or woman who considers themselves well-dressed. Vintage leather driving gloves can be the finishing touch to a polished image, whether out on the town or tooling around on the road. Scour antique shops and boutiques for truly classic styles, or search the Internet for a treasure trove of old and new options.


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