Leather Driving Gloves

A throwback to past generations, leather driving gloves are gaining popularity with modern men. Serious motorists and well-dressed gents are seeking out this accessory to help improve their skills on the road, look cool behind the wheel and add a timeless accessory to their wardrobe.

Leather driving gloves come in variety of models, materials and colors. The most popular types include full-finger versions and fingerless versions. Full-finger models cover your entire hand, keeping your palms and fingers sweat- and slip-free. Some drivers prefer this type as their whole hand is protected and comfortable. Fingerless options just cover the palm of the hand, allowing the fingers to breathe. Drivers gravitate towards this type due to freedom of movement some find it easier to work controls with their fingers exposed.

The most common leather driving gloves are wrist-length. Most options feature an open back with an elastic band or a Velcro, buckle or snap closure at the wrist to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. Some options also feature knuckle cutouts and perforations along the fingers for increased air circulation. Colors run the rainbow, but most men gravitate towards traditional, neutral shades such as black, tan and brown. Some even like to match theirs to the shade of their car's interior. White or red are also popular colors, though typically among the flashier set.

Materials include deerskin, goatskin, lambskin and cowhide. Certain options can also be found in synthetic materials for those who like the look of the real thing but prefer non-animal products. USA-made pairs are available, though many high-quality pairs will be European-made, specifically fine Italian models. They can be lined or unlined, depending on your preference. Some men like the natural feel against their skin, while others enjoy the added comfort of a liner. Liners range from basic wool to luxe cashmere. Leather driving gloves are easy to store in your vehicle's center console, side pocket or junk box. They will also easily fit in a jacket pocket or briefcase, allowing for easy travel. Wherever you store them, be sure they are dry to keep them fresh and clean, and lay them flat to ensure they maintain their shape. A moisturizing cleaner can always be applied to further protect your purchase.

When shopping, keep in mind that prices will range based on the type of hide, liner and model you are choosing. Basic models in simple cuts will be the least expensive, while high-quality European cuts and custom looks will be more expensive. Shop around, compare options, consider your needs, and look at plenty of styles to find a pair that's right for you.

A pair of leather driving gloves is a key piece of equipment for the serious driver. They are nearly essential when piloting a responsive sports car with stiff suspension, but they can also benefit regular people who drive regular cars. Whether you're tearing around the track behind the wheel of a formula one race car or taking your family station wagon down the block to the grocery store, slipping on a couple of leather driving gloves is an easy way to increase your satisfaction.

Maybe it's the middle of winter, and your hands are freezing as you drive into work. Or perhaps it's summer and the weather is so hot and humid that you need some additional grip on the steering wheel. It doesn't matter what kind of car you own, or where you live.

A nice, light pair can help you get the most out of your car. In addition to keeping your hands warm in the winter and dry in the summer, they help with blood circulation in your hands, they improve your grip on the wheel, and they protect your hands from calluses. They should fit your hands very snugly, so it's important to choose wisely, and look for a perfect fit.

Every gentleman should have a pair at his disposal. This distinguished accessory is not only stylish but also functional. Many find them useful in shielding hands from cold weather as well as offering a better grip behind the wheel.

Available in a variety of colors and models, The most popular models tend to be found in shades of brown and black. Most are wrist-length, though some are longer. Still other types feature knuckle-holes or small perforations.

Most consumers make their purchase one of two places: online or in a department store. Both offer a wealth of options, though some buyers prefer the ease and convenience of shopping online. No matter the type or color you choose, you're sure to be pleased with your purchase.

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