Leather Driving Gloves Buyers Guide

There are many different options for buying leather driving gloves. The main things to consider are the type you want, and the quality of the pair.

First of all, decide what kind of weather you will spend most of your time in. If it' going to be hot all the time, look for the kind with an open mesh back, for coolness. If it's not going to be very hot, and you could wear a full finger pair without getting too warm, opt for those. They will conform to your hands better than the mesh type and will last longer.

Will you be using them exclusively behind the wheel of your car? Then you might opt for a soft, supple material such as lambskin or deerskin. They will be the most comfortable and the thinnest, therefore giving you the best grip. If you see yourself using them for a few other purposes, look for those made of cowhide . They are more durable and usually cheaper.

There are certain quality issues to look for too. Check to see if they have exposed stitching on the outside. If they do, they might not last as long, since the stitches can be abraded away and will cause them to fall apart prematurely. Also check for raised seams in the grip area. Raised seams not only give a nice appearance, they help a lot toward providing your hands a secure grip. Those with a smooth and slippery palm are not much better than no gloves at all.

Leather driving gloves may have large holes on the back for your knuckles if they are of the full finger variety, and you should look to see if the material around the holes has been hemmed back for a smooth edge. Cheap versions will just have a cut-out for each hole, which will cause some chafing on your skin, as well as wearing out sooner.

And finally, check for perforations (small holes) just about everywhere on the palm and fingers of the glove. Some are not very breathable, and the perforations are there to help your hands "breathe" and keep them dry and sweat-free.