Why You Need a Pair of Leather Driving Gloves

Why would anyone need a special pair of leather driving gloves for getting behind the wheel? Aside from the saftey benefits, the obvious answer is that they look cool, of course. Show up wearing some aviator sunglasses and a custom pair from Italy, and people might mistake you for James Bond. But seriously, driving gloves can solve several problems for professional drivers and regular people alike.

They keep your hands from slipping. Piloting a responsive sports car down a twisty mountain road can be a demanding task. There might be a surprise around every corner, and having a firm grip on the wheel can make the difference between dodging a deer and hitting it. And even if you aren't in a stiff-handling sports car, leather driving gloves can help: many economy cars use a thin, plastic steering wheel that gets slippery if your hands are the least bit sweaty.

They keep your hands warm. When you are behind the wheel, your hands have to be up at about the same level as, or higher than, your heart. If you have poor circulation, this can lead to poor blood flow and you may lose sensitivity of your fingers. Keeping your hands warm can solve this problem.

They protect your hands. Spending hour after hour in the drivers seat can lead to calluses on your fingers and palms. And if it's a very sunny day, you have two choices to protect your hands from sunburn: put sunscreen on your hands (which will completely ruin your grip) or wear a good pair of leather driving gloves.