What are Leather Driving Gloves

We humans use our hands for almost everything we do, so it makes sense to take care of them and help them work as effectively as possible. One way to do this is to use leather driving gloves. Even though the steering wheel of your car is designed to work just fine with bare hands, certain types of cars, weather and other situations demand more from your hands than usual.

Leather driving gloves are thinner and tighter than normal gloves, and this solves two problems. First, they help to transmit every twitch and bump of the road to your fingertips. This might not sound like a good thing, but if you're driving a high-performance sports car you need to feel the road to get the best performance out of your machine. Second, they give you a much firmer grip on the wheel. This helps you maneuver the car quickly, and makes a tremendous difference if you tend to have sweaty hands while behind the wheel.

Some additional qualities include knuckle holes for flexibility, perforations on the fingers and palm to keep your hands from sweating, and a secure strap across the back of the wrist to keep them absolutely tight on your hands.

A leather driving glove is almost always made of some kind of leather, since thin leather tends to stretch and shrink in all the right places to give a perfect fit. This also gives the palm a better grip. Some pairs have an open mesh on the back, to keep your hands cool in the summer.