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White Leather Driving Gloves

Crisp and clean, white leather driving gloves offer a fresh look. The beauty of this accessory lies in it's simplicity and effortless style. Whether worn in summer or winter, they will keep your hands protected and looking fashionable.

Recalling both vintage motorists and modern racers, white leather driving gloves have a universal appeal. Men and women alike are drawn to this chic accessory, which can feel preppy or punk-rock depending on the wearer. This particular item also tends be popular because white vehicles abound and many motorists like to match their accessories to the color of their car or the color of their car's interior.

Advantages of this style include the fact that they will complement a variety of vehicles, wardrobes and seasons, and will never fall out of fashion. However, one disadvantage of choosing a pair in such a light color is that they can get dirty very easily. In order to ensure your pair remains in tip-top shape for years to come, store in a clean, dry place and clean immediately if they become soiled.


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