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Winter Leather Driving Gloves

Thanks to slick roads, white-out conditions, frozen windshields and cold-as-ice temps, getting behind the wheel during snow-filled months can be horrendous. Even if you happen to live in an area with mild winters, cool-to-the-touch steering wheels, seats and stick shifts can make a drive feel more like a chore than an excursion. Luckily, winter leather driving gloves can help resolve many of these annoyances.

A pair can help keep your hands warm, dry and fully-functional when it's cold outside. Many feature cozy fleece or wool linings, and others are even lined with luxurious cashmere to truly wrap your hands in comfort. Some motorists find their winter leather driving gloves help them maneuver their vehicle in dodgy conditions, allowing for a firm and steady grip behind the wheel.

When the temperature begins to drop, it's not a bad idea to have a couple different pairs on hand. You can keep one at home for everyday wear, and one in your vehicle for emergencies—you never know when a storm could be on the horizon. Store yours in your center console, seat pocket, trunk or glove box.


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